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As we have a huge customer base with E70 X5s, we decided to do a small FAQ.

Which headlights do i have, Halogen or Xenon?

There is a couple of easy ways to check:

Switch on the dipped beams, then flicking on high beams, if the inner lights then illuminate you have Halogens.

Halogen will be a more yellow colour, The outer lights are dipped beam H7, and inners main beam H1. Changing any bulbs on these requires access through the wheel arch liners.

Xenon are a Bi-xenon unit, with both dipped and main beam illuminated by a single bulb in the outer projector, a shutter changes beam pattern, these are D1S bulbs. All bulbs can be changed from under the bonnet, requiring no dismantling.

Which angel eye bulbs do i need?

On the Halogen models, the angel eye bulbs required are the E90/91 type :

Premium E70 Angel eyes

On the Xenon models we reccomend our H8 Compact:
H8 Compact

Are they error free on the E70 ?

All replacements we offer are error free, other than COB Bulb replacements to be in installed in halogen dipped/main, H1/H7 these will require bulb error checks coding out. 

Front foglight bulbs in all E70s are (H8/9/11) we recommend our H8 Standard COB bulbs for these:

H8 COB Foglight Bulb

We advise these generally require coding, and if your vehicle has cornering lights enabled, this needs to be disabled in order to stop any "cornering light errors" on the idrive.

(Coding all above simple enough with Carly/Bimmercode) or we can code this out, along with a whole host of options, in Blackburn, Lancashire

If unsure, please drop us an email, or facebook/instagram message, we aim to respond within 4 hours.