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Bluetooth Handsfee kit

Bluetooth Handsfee kit

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Looking for a way to add Bluetooth to an older vehicle, without changing to a modern headunit that looks out of place? 

All for under £30?

Our Bluetooth kit is a simple solution, which integrates with the stereo system, using an ISO T harness. 

For vehicles without ISO connections, the supplied T harness can be very easily modified and wired in.


Key Features:-


Factory Installed Sound Quality and Appearance


    Original equipment appearance

    Audio through vehicle speakers

    Directional Microphone

    Single switch control


Standard Functionality

    Audio streaming - A2DP

    Supports voice dialling

    Auto system mute - incoming call

    Automatic phone link up upon ignition on

    Works with up to 5 Bluetooth® mobile phones


Sound Quality

    Full duplex

    Digital signal processing

    Echo cancellation

    Noise reduction


Single button functionality

    Answer call

    Disconnect call

    Voice dialling

    Redial last number

    Volume adjustment

    Call rejection

    Private call - transfer to headset

    Disable Bluetooth® connection

    Pairing memory erase